Baptisms at St. Paul’s

Baptism is the gift of God that comes to us in water and Word, in the midst of the gathered assembly during a regular worship service. At St. Paul’s baptism is not exclusive to members, but represents a new beginning of relationship and life with God, and expression through the work of the church. If you would like to be baptized yourself or to inquire about baptism for someone in your family or life, please be in touch with Pastor Eileen by email or by calling the church office at 410-252-3768. Sometimes pre-baptismal counseling or conversations may be needed to help prepare the baptized for living into the promises of baptism – once you have connected with Pastor Eileen, you all will be able to better address what is most helpful for you particular time and place.

Weddings at St. Paul’s

Weddings are beautiful celebrations, and we love to hold them at St. Paul’s! While there are many options for people and places for a wedding to held these days, a couple choosing to marry at St. Paul’s would expect a service that would highlight the particular blessing and presence of God in this moment and into your marriage. 

Couples interested in learning more about having a wedding at St. Paul’s should be in touch with Pastor Eileen to meet and talk about what you are looking for in a wedding, and whether she and the church will be a good fit for you to achieve that dream. You can either email Pastor Eileen or call the church office at 410-252-3768 to find a time to talk with one another and/or meet together.

Funerals at St. Paul’s

Church funerals are celebrations of the promises made in Christ. St. Paul’s hosts funerals and memorial services for both active and connected families, as well as for the general public as we can be helpful. If you are interested in planning a service like this at St. Paul’s, please be in touch with Pastor Eileen by email or by calling 410-252-3768.

Altar Flowers for the Traditional Service

Each week the altar is adorned with beautiful flowers that are donated by members in memory of, or in honor of, loved ones and also for celebrating a special event.

If you are interested in sponsoring one or both of these vases, please click here to make your reservation. The cost is $52.50 for the first vase, including delivery, and $45 for the second vase (you are not charged twice for delivery). The total cost for two vases of flowers is $97.50. You can pick up the flowers after the service to take home with you, or you make leave them for members of the Church who will deliver them to a homebound member or someone in the hospital to brighten their day.

If you have questions or need assistance in signing up please contact the church office by email or by calling 410-252-3768.